How To Register

How to Register for GO Cornhole

The emphasis for the GO Cornhole registration process is to keep it as simplistic as possible.  Players of all ages are welcome to participate in each GO Cornhole event AND in the Atlanta Cornhole Series.  ONLY the Captain of a team needs to register and pay the team fee for each event.  Each team will be automatically entered into the ATLANTA CORNHOLE SERIES once the enter into a GCH event and there is NO COST to participate in the Atlanta Cornhole Series, you just need to enter the events of your choice to accumulate points. 

Register as a CAPTAIN:

  1. From the home page, click on the "REGISTER NOW" button near the top right of the page.
  2. The website registration process takes you through each step to gather your personal information, provide selection to select your preferred cornhole events, provide an option to register as a Captain, create a team, and the payment process.
    NOTE: Your "Team Name-Captain Name" will be used as your official "Series Name" to track your series points.  You MUST use the same exact team name and captain name for each event if you want your event points to accumulate in the ATLANTA CORNHOLE SERIES.
    NOTE: All teams entered in a GCH event are automatically entered into the ATLANTA CORNHOLE SERIES.  
  3. Once registration is closed for an event, GO Cornhole will finalize the event tournament brackets and email tournament details to all Captains.
    NOTE: Captains may have 1-3 teammates for a total of 2-4 players per team.  Teammates DO NOT need to register in the system and will sign a player waiver before the event starts.  For the ATLANTA CORNHOLE SERIES, a team name and captain must be the same for series points to accumulate while the captain can have different teammates from event to event. 

If you have any further questions regarding registration, please complete the "Contact GCH" form that can be accessed at the top and bottom of each web page.